Ionic 5 Full App Starter — Save Big and Build Hybrid Apps Faster

Ionic 5 Full App is loaded with a large number of options, layouts, and functionalities. This is a complete starter app to get started with Ionic 5.

Ionic has been gaining popularity in the last few years, and rightfully so. Making apps in Ionic is a breeze compared to Native languages (Java / Swift). Ionic framework’s domain encompasses a huge variety of mobile app features which can create almost 90% of the apps today.

This blog is dedicated to Ionic 5 Full App, which is a complete starter solution for Ionic 5.

 It contains a variety of basic layouts and a number of advanced layouts such as Instagram, Tinder, Uber, etc. 

All pages and components are made in a way so one can readily pick up the component and use it in his/her app. This makes app development a breeze. This Full App is guaranteed to cut down hundreds of development hours in any project.

Dark Mode now available in Ionic 5 Full App

What do you get with a template like Ionic 5 Full App

Ionic 5 Full App comes in three versions, namely Beginner, Startup, and Pro. You can choose the one that suits your requirement the most. The features are carefully spread across the versions as per a developer’s experience and expertise.

A complete feature comparison table has been formulated for your reference. Take a look below:

Give me something I have never seen before!

Well, we have taken care of that as well. Ionic 5 Full App has some exclusive features which you won’t find anywhere.

  • Firebase Starter — Ionic 5 Full app is not just a front-end template. It includes a great starter for Firebase integration as well. You get authentication, storage, CRUD operations and social logins using Firebase. This can easily be used in 90% of the apps you make

  • Game Framework Integration — We have gone out of the normal development path and integrated (and tested) a popular 2D game framework — Phaser, in Ionic. This gives you the power to create awesome 2D games with the UI power of Ionic. You can create a mobile game app or a Web PWA for gaming. We have also written a detailed blog post on Ionic-Phaser integration.

Yes! This game is running in Ionic 5
  • Tinder Cards — Tinder cards have been there for a while, but Ionic 5 Full App is the first to offer a stable & functioning Tinder cards layout in Ionic 5.

Tinder layout in Ionic 5 Full App
  • Wordpress and Woo-commerce — If you are looking for the old faithful Wordpress and Woo-commerce integration for your app, look no further. Ionic 5 Full App offers integration from both of these. So if you have an existing Woo-commerce store and been trying to make your own app based on that, Ionic 5 Full App is your answer.

There are a ton of other features you can explore in Ionic 5 Full App, including Netflix, Uber, Whatsapp layouts; infinite-scroll & pull-to-refresh; image cropping, AdMob and much more.

Netflix layout in Ionic 5 Full App

Isn’t the cost too much for Full App template?

Well, let’s do the math.

Ionic 5 Full App contains features that can easily create at least 10 independent apps for you. If each app’s UI take even a mere 50–100 hours of your time, at a development rate of $50–100/hr, you can imagine the cost you will bear for the UI development alone.

You get all of that stuff ready-made in Ionic 5 Full App. Adjusting the template to your use might take 5–10 hours. So in total, you can save anywhere between $2500-$10000. If you are a development agency or a freelancer, creating multiple apps for clients, then the template serves you an even bigger advantage.

But does it come with documentation and support?

Ionic 5 Full App comes with complete documentation for installation, feature integration, and details of each feature. You can check the documentation here:

Plus there is always support available at You can generate a ticket for your query and we will revert within 24 hrs. You can also drop an email at for help anytime.

Why use a template at all?

There are several benefits of making your app from a template like above. Let’s go through the key benefits

  1. Cheaper — You save thousands of dollars spent in UI development. This is a crucial phase where a majority of startups end up spending most of their time and money. Designing a feature from scratch is not worth if you can just pick the feature off the shelf for fraction of the price.
  2. Faster — You save weeks (if not months) of time which you would otherwise spend on designing and developing your app’s UI. Faster time to market is often the deal maker for an app startup.
  3. Keep your team smaller — If you are an early stage startup, and the co-founders are not developers, it is not wise to hire separate developers for UI designing, and then UI development on different devices. Using a hybrid app (same technology for both iOS and Android) halves your problem, but you would still love to have an off-the-shelf template. This way you can jump to feature integration directly and keep your team smaller
  4. Standard and Bug-free — One of the biggest advantages of using a good app template is the standard feature and code structure. It is often seen that the founding team develops an app with whatever they know. This results in a badly written (although working) code. Instead, you can use an off-the-shelf code written with proper standards, and mostly bug-free. You cut costs, save time and get better quality code. How much more can one ask for!
  5. Standard features — Other than great code standards, you get standard features already working and device tested in templates. E.g. A tinder card format has been a popular layout for the past many years. Creating the layout on your own from scratch is not worth if you can just pick it up from an app template like Ionic 5 Full App.

We have a detailed post on the advantages of templates on our website.

Demo APK

To get a more realistic hands-on experience of Ionic 5 Full App Starter, you can download the demo APK which is available on the product page. For the quick reference, the link is also given below here:

Buy it today!

The Ionic 5 Full Starter is your dream package for the easiest, hassle-free and smooth app building experience. Get ready to feel eternal bliss for sure. 

If the word ‘Pro’ rings a sweet bell inside you, then we recommend going for the PRO version of the app. Just for a marginal price, you will get an exhaustive and complete set of functionalities to enjoy.

Great ready-made layouts in Ionic 5 Full App

Chat and Profile layouts in Ionic 5 Full App

You will be amazed to find out that Ionic 5 Full App Starter can do almost everything, of course in the app making world. Because come on, it’s still not ‘The Professor’.

The product page link of Ionic 5 Full App Starter is over here 👇

Bella Ciao!


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