Dog lovers now have a fun way to spot dogs, earn bones and get great discounts !!

About the App

Dogspotting is a widely popular app for dog lovers. This app allows Dogspotters to spot a dog and upload the picture in an Instagram styled app. Users have their own profile, own photos, points, leaderboard, followers and followings. User receive push notifications on any related activity. Each post gives 'bones' to users, which they can redeem to buy Dogspotting merchandise !

The app is a hit among dogspotters and has thousands of downloads. The dogspotters' community has reached close to a million followers on Facebook



Dogspotting is a very competitive e-sport with its own set of rules and leaderboard and a very passionate community behind it. Building on this internet phenomenon , the Dogspotting Mobile app was developed.

The challenge behind the app was to create an engaging app for Dogspotters, while keeping the user interface to something they use regularly. Marty, the brain behind the app, already had the idea of having an instagram-like app, and we took it from there.

The next challenge was to churn out regular updates with new features every few weeks for the growing community, while keeping the platform stable. Marty was a great help in this, putting his trust into us and giving us the freedom to work in our style. Nightly builds were made, updates released on partial set of users for testing and more than 10 version of the app were put out to the community within a year.

Other challenges included allowing users to edit their clicked pictures on the go, keep them engaged with the app, rewards functionality, and community check based content.


The first challenge of user-friendly UI was solved by adopting instagram styled UI. Since almost everyone uses or has used Instagram, users feel vary natural about the app's flow. But, to still facilitate the user interaction and reduce confusion, we made an awesome walkthrough procedure, which takes user through the whole click-n-upload process on the first launch of app. The walkthrough procedure was greatly appreciated by users.

Along with the ease of uploading picture, we also ensured that people upload pictures in appropriate categories - My feed or society. Also, a feature was provided to "point" their own post while uploading, which is then later monitored and approved by the community on the app.

To keep users engaged, we implemented multiple procedures. We integrated push notifications informing users of others' activity, and who's following who messages. On top of that, we introduced a pointing table, where people with certain "bones" can get discounts on merchandises via Shopify discount coupons - earn while you have fun !

The app is basically a PokemonGo for dogs. Along with the above features, it has tons of other features including user's profile, multiple languages, social login, discovering people, invites via sms and a lot more.

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This app has received more than 20000 downloads on the Google Play store & Apple app store with great reviews. The client (Dogspotting LLC) was happy with the end result and is still associated with us. The app is still going strong and there are talks of it appearing in Wall Street Journal soon !