Apps for Home service booking. Book cleaning, handyman and moving services right from your phone.

About the App

FxT is an app connecting household service providers with consumers in Qatar. This app offers an Uber style Servicemen app as well, using which the service-person gets orders and user can track the activity as well as the arrival of service person. The admin panel allows the company to monitor all orders, users and service persons, and add/edit users and service persons. A bidding between service-persons allows minimum price winner, and hence users always get great service at minimum price.


There are those who need help doing household tasks and there are those who offer such services. But what doesn't exist is a smart platform to connect these two groups and this is what is solved by the FxT app. In a country like Qatar, the household servicing sector is very unmanaged, and people do not have an online solution to book such services.


This home service booking app allows the user to book cleaning, handymen, and moving services. All the user has to do is specify the options they want to choose the service and pin point their location. Real-time service bidding provides minimum price services to customers. Customers receive a push notification on job approval, employee arrival, task finish and job cancellation and they can also rate the servicemen as per the task performed so that next time you will be shown with the serviceman options that have the good rating. Servicemen have a separate app to receive jobs and mark them complete as they are done. They can view the customer's location on an app and navigate their way using the app. The rating system allows users to choose the servicemen on next booking.