Video lectures on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

About the App

MyLib is an educational mobile application that was aimed towards target audiences in the African continent. It delivered educational video content through a Netflix like subscription model where students could subscribe to course packages based on their requirements. This app has the potential to be a game changer in the context of African countries since students could now approach learning from the homes and even though this app never aimed to replace schools but it provided a much-needed augmentation to school-based learning.



The client needed a very strong encryption for the content that was being delivered on the application,which is tough task when you have to set it up from scratch on the server side. The UX of the application also required a lot of thought going in since students of a younger age were the prime demographic for this application and making an application that was friendly to them was of utmost importance.


We ended up implementing a combination of AES encryption as well as Clear Key encryption and our backend supported MPEG DASH streaming for the video content, to put things in perspective Netflix uses the same technology to protect its video content. To address the concerns of the client regarding the UX part, we reviewed the close to 100 applications targeted towards younger students and based on research, delivered a stellar UI/UX for the application.



– This application features a cutting-edge encryption model as well as a very polished UI/UX. It is currently live on the Google Play Store and has healthy downloads and good reviews