GRE vocabulary has never been more fun. With pictures, GIFs, quizzes and performance tracking, Pixnary is one of the best GRE learning app out there. And ..... it's FREE !!!

About the App

Pixnary is an innovative in-house app which uses the concept of accelerated learning using visual cues. The app shows a picture of each word, along with its meaning, an example sentence, and a phrase. Users can memorize the word easily with the help of the related picture since a human brain can retain a picture for longer compared to text. Users can categorize words into ‘Mastered' and ‘Not-mastered' categories. There are over 1600 words for advanced vocabulary learners that the app allows to be mastered.



CAT/GRE examinations have a dedicated English section where a big portion consists of word meanings, antonyms, and synonyms which the students have to usually cram up, reducing the retention of these words significantly. To address this target audience and their needs we had the idea to develop ‘Pixnary'.


"We have tried to solve the problem in a number of ways.

First of all, making the vocabulary learning LESS BORING. We use a catchy picture for each word that sticks in your mind. This picture is not a random picture, but is relevant to the word's context, so if you remember the picture, you remember the word.

Next, based on our experience of GRE examination, we segregated word lists based on
- Number of total words - 333, 800 & all - Helping students choose the list they want to (have time left to ) learn
- Mastered and Unmastered - So you can keep the easy / learned words separate
- Alphabetically - Just like the plain old flash cards

On top of this, in Mastered list, we do not show the students a full meaning and description of the word. We just show a phrase containing that word, assuming, since the student has already ""mastered"" the word, he should get the meaning just from the phrase. This helps them remember the phrase in a phrase's context as well.

Building upon this, we also provided a variety of quiz section in the app, which contains questions of following types
- Word to meanings
- Meaning to word
- Word to picture
- Picture to word
- Meaning pronunciation to Word
- Meaning to jumbled word

Student can choose any/all of the above types of question in the quiz. Plus they have the option to quiz only the mastered words, or alphabetically or all of the words. Cool, right !

And on top of this, we also gave them a little extra with GIFs of words, sent to them via push notification as 'Word of the Day'. Trust me or not, GIFs are way cooler than pictures to learn words.

We have also provided a progress tracking section, where user can track their quiz progress in terms of % correct answers per quiz, as well as, what percentage of each alphabet have they covered already (mastered / seen)

All in all, Pixnary is the coolest GRE learning app there is . Biggest point, it's FREE !!"

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"The app, without any marketing/promotion amassed over 100000 downloads on the Google Play Store and App store and the user base is only increasing.
The app is loaded with features, but is still free for all users.
The app has offline download feature, so you don't need to have wi-fi or mobile data all the time
The app also has a web version pixnary.com, for those who don't have a smart phone (yet! )"