Create your own Grocery Shopping App in Ionic 5

In this post, we will describe the use of Enappd’s Ionic 5 Grocery Complete Platform – App and Admin Dashboard with Backend. It is a full-fledged Ionic starter with Firebase that can help you start your own Grocery business in minimum time.

What is Grocery App Starter?

This starter is built using Angular 8+ (up-gradable to Angular 9) and Ionic Framework v5 and has everything you need to jump-start your Grocery shopping app development!

Both the App and Dashboard are built in Ionic 5 (Angular) Framework, so they can be used either as an App or PWA.

Ionic 5 represents the culmination of years of research and hard work in transforming Ionic from “mobile for Angular” into a powerful UI Design System and app framework for every web developer in the world.


  • Clients: Get your next Grocery Shopping app built by developers using the Ionic 5 Grocery Shopping App starter platform. This way you save tonnes on UI development and back-end development. Approximate savings can run in thousands of dollars per app. You also get an admin panel you can use to operate your app.
  • Developers: This is the time to save your expensive time and write less code for your new app. You can build a rich Grocery Shopping app with Admin panel in a very straightforward way. All you need to do is switch the admin panel and the app to your own Firebase back-end.
  • Designers: Customization of the layout has no limit with Ionic. You don’t even have to modify a complicated widget. It is pretty clean and simple to start your own customization and create a satisfactory design. Also, the admin panel is built to address your needs to manage the app. You can always add more features to both apps and the admin panel, but the basics are all built-in.

Get Ionic 5 Grocery Shopping Starter and enjoy the carefully designed pages, the back-end (Firebase) and the fully working Admin panel with the most required functionalities!

Grocery Starter Overview

You can take your Ionic Framework app to the next level using this starter app template. Check all the features, designs and beautiful components that you can use on your app!

All in with Ionic 5 and Angular 8+

This Ionic 5 Starter includes lots of Ionic 5 components coded the Angular way and features that you will love. We have updated Angular 8 / Ionic 5 package. You get both packages with purchase, and you can use whichever is more suitable for you.

100% Flexible and Customizable

The template includes lots of pages, features, and components but you are free to use just what you need and delete the code you don’t. The code structure is super modularized so you will find easy to modify the code to fit your needs.

CSS variables

CSS Variables provide easy customization of an application and allow a value to be stored in one place, then referenced in multiple other places. So, for example, if you want to change the colors of your app, by just changing some variables your app will have the desired colors in just a few seconds!


The documentation is built with a lot of effort to help you get the most out of this Ionic 5 template. 

If there is anything that you don’t understand please drop us an email at ‘’ and we will help you in the best way possible. You can also choose to generate a ticket over below link:

Installation Videos

To make your starter installation experience seamless and smooth, at Enappd you get step by step installation to guide you at each step.

PWA ready

Progressive web applications load like regular web pages but can offer user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access traditionally available only to native applications.

Ionic 5 is a step forward for Progressive Web Apps. Although this starter is made to serve as an app more than PWA because of the way Grocery shopping platforms work, with minor modifications, you can use this completely as a PWA too. Learn more about PWA with Angular and Ionic over here.

You will be able to use this Ionic 5 starter as an iOS app, an Android app, a web app or as a PWA! Too many options, right?

Demo APK

To get a more realistic hands-on experience of Ionic 5 Full App Starter, you can download the demo APK which is available on the product page. For the quick reference, the link is also given below here.

Login Credentials for the demo APK are as follows:
Password: 123456789

App Features

– Login/Sign up
– Firebase integrated
– Otp page
– Shop By Categories
– Home page with tab configuration for multiple shopping categories.
– Swipe-enabled section
– Home page see all available product in particular Categories.
– Cart functionality
– Product Page
– Social Share
– Rate us
– Review component
– Search Product
– Track Current location
– Offer Page
– Favorite Product Functionality
– Payment page
– Add Address page
– Add Credit/Debit Card
– Delivery Day and Time
– Need Help
– Order History Page
– Search page for easy searching of products
– Product detail page with
– FAQ page for common questions asked by users
– About us page

Admin Dashboard Features

The Grocery Shopping Admin Panel comes in multiple themes — Default, Dark, Purple and Medium. You can change your admin panel theme from the options in top right dropdown.

Some of the features of the Grocery Dashboard are as follows:

  • Product Page
  • Category Page
  • Orders Page
  • Offers Page
  • Users Page

The Live Preview link of Grocery Dashboard is given below:

Login credentials for dashboard are as follows:
Password: 123456789

Why use a template at all?

There are several benefits of making your app from a template like above. Let’s go through the key benefits

  1. Cheaper — You save thousands of dollars spent in UI development. This is a crucial phase where a majority of startups end up spending most of their time and money. Designing a feature from scratch is not worth if you can just pick the feature off the shelf for fraction of the price.
  2. Faster — You save weeks (if not months) of time which you would otherwise spend on designing and developing your app’s UI. Faster time to market is often the deal maker for an app startup.
  3. Keep your team smaller — If you are an early stage startup, and the co-founders are not developers, it is not wise to hire separate developers for UI designing, and then UI development on different devices. Using a hybrid app (same technology for both iOS and Android) halves your problem, but you would still love to have an off-the-shelf template. This way you can jump to feature integration directly and keep your team smaller
  4. Standard and Bug-free — One of the biggest advantages of using a good app template is the standard feature and code structure. It is often seen that the founding team develops an app with whatever they know. This results in a badly written (although working) code. Instead, you can use an off-the-shelf code written with proper standards, and mostly bug-free. You cut costs, save time and get better quality code. How much more can one ask for!
  5. Standard features — Other than great code standards, you get standard features already working and device tested in templates. E.g. A tinder card format has been a popular layout for the past many years.

We have a detailed post on the advantages of templates on our website.


This Starter is a perfect fit for a quick start if you are looking to build a Grocery Shopping app. Well-customized and user-friendly starter. Make use of this Ionic 5 Grocery Starter and save thousands of dollar and weeks of time on your next project!

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